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Cheap Tickets – everyone is looking for them and cheap flight deals are hard to come. But yet, they are being advertised all over the internet.


There are several websites that claim to give you either the best fare or cheap fares or the best Cheap Flight Deals. Are they really living up to their word? How many times have to come across a website that promises you the world for a few pennies? Definitely, this is not new. But if you are here, then there certainly is a difference. especially caters to a customer base that is looking to completely economize on their vacation and for those who are still trying to make the most of it. We provide genuine and realistic information from our vast database of flight information. Our strong ability to network enables us to give our customers a wide choice of airlines. We provide you with the relevant statistics about both scheduled and cheap flights. Our website features the latest deals from the oblivious to the most popular destinations around the world.



How can you score those Cheap Flight Deals?


Keep your dates flexible

If you are rigid with your travel dates, chances are you are missing on some of the best cheap flight deals. Interchange your travel dates – have a bigger window for your days of travel and get an array of Cheap Flight Deals to your preferred destination.

Don’t search from and to just one port

For all you know there are other alternative airports in the same origin or destination that you haven’t researched on properly. Enter your origin and destination cities on our search engine to get a list of airports that you can fly to and from.

Monitor your booking for the next 24 hours:

Once you feel that you have found the cheapest rates for your flights, you will go ahead and book the tickets. Having done that, the next morning check if the prices for your choice of the route have fallen. If they have, then you just have to cancel your current tickets and book for new ones.

Last minute flights can be really cheap:

Not everything that is booked in advance is cheap. If the flights are not full, airlines will slash prices to accommodate passengers at the last minute. Look for rate cuts on last minute flights.

Midweek travelling

This always works. Try to travel on a Wednesday instead of travelling on a weekend when the flights will be full. Domestic travel can be easily accomplished on this day. There is a better supply of seats and lots of empty seats too that force airlines to discount their rates.

3pm Eastern Time:

This apparently is the best time to book your cheap flights. Shop for domestic travel when the fares are released round about this time.

Social media updates

Keep following your favorite airline on every social media account. They provide some great tips and details about their fares.

Flying two disparate airlines

This seems logical, especially because one-way tickets are fairly reasonable. So, book an outbound flight on one airline and a return on another one. Fly into one airport and depart from another.

Early morning is the best time

Early morning hours are the best time to fly. You can get some really cheap flight tickets during this time of the day when most of them would not like to travel at these ungodly hours. Red-eye flights offer some of the cheapest flight fares.

The six week timeline

Prudence says, book at least six weeks in advance. Don’t wait till you reach the end of your travel plans to book your cheap flights.

Connecting flights:

Save at least $100 on your round trip by booking connecting flights. You just have to take care that you have enough time in between flights, in case your initial flight is late.

Smaller carriers can give you some really good deals too:

Don’t ignore smaller budget carriers. Sometimes, they can come up with some great offers.

Here are some more tips to make the most of your cheap flight deals

It’s a myth that air travel is cumbersome, expensive and complicated. Flying from one port to another can be painless and easy. It need not be difficult at all.

  • The cheapest time to book your fares is sometime between January and March. It is called a ‘dead zone’ where ticket prices tend to be really low on domestic flights. Schools break for vacation early in March and prices automatically shoot up.
  • Get a seat over the wings, if you are prone to air sickness. There is less motion up and down and you will feel more comfortable.
  • You are better off with a four-wheel rolling suitcase. These are more likely to get rolled rather than thrown due to their wheel orientation.
  • In the case of a delay, monetary compensations are better on European airlines. Buy tickets on a US-based airline that is being operated by a European partner.
  • Buy excess valuation on your baggage if the contents of your luggage are valued over $1000 dollars. These are usually priced reasonably.

Avail of automatic travel insurance that comes with your credit card, by default. You can get a compensation for illness, cancellations, delays, injuries and other trip interruptions, which a carrier normally does not take any responsibility for.

The truth about buying air fares at right time


There are several ‘guides’ available out there that will tell you zillions of ways to buy cheap flight tickets. But most of them are wrong. All advice, in the end, sees a marked variation in the fares depending on the route and the destination. What these websites do not understand is that the predictions that they reflect should be in context and not just blind guidance.

The best way to book at the right time would be to look for alerts from the airlines. Sign up for newsletters and email alerts so that you receive regular information about their airfares.


How do email alerts work?


With an email alert, you can track your travel for specific dates. But what if buying a day or two earlier or later can save you money? Some of the email alerts work on your origin and destination information or through specific airports. Most systems will let you choose the nearest airport. But then there are also other ports slightly away from the vicinity that you can fly out or into.

If you are depending on travel agencies to do the needful, then all of them will not provide you with the same prices. Some of the online agencies offer negotiated rates that can be really low while others don’t.

Quick and short cheap flight deals are best viewed on twitter. Subscribe to the airline’s twitter account.

Watch out for package deals that offer cheap hotels too.


Why cheap hotels are good?


It is really simple. The more expensive the hotel, the lesser the freebies. Surprisingly so, high-end hotels do not offer many complimentary services. Moreover, travelling more and spending less, should be your motto while you are vacationing. Get a whole load of free stuffs with budget hotels such as free parking, Wi-Fi and a generous spread of complimentary breakfast every morning. You travel more, pay less taxes because you are spending relatively lesser than what you would if you were in a high-end hotel.


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